How does it work?

The EMMETT Technique is an understanding of the body’s response to light touch. It has been suggested that the body reacts in a similar way to the workings of a touch-screen. Small sensors allow access to the brain via the therapists’ touch. As well as the ability to directly influence muscle action, these points may have a memory and emotional attachment.

It is massage?

No. Its a light touch using our fingers. Light pressure in allocated points and switches. 

How long does the treatment last?

Depends on the individual. You must give your body ample time to rest and realign itself. 

Is the treatment invasive?

No. We are trained to treat through clothing, which is amazing for everyone. 

are you covered by insurance?

yes, we are covered by Professional Indemnity & Public Liability insurance. 

are you bulked billed or covered by private health?

unfortunately, we are not. 

Is Emmett Technique new?

Emmett Technique has been around since 1999, it's taught in 36 countries around the globe. 

Where does Emmett Technique come from?

Ross Emmett who loved animals, starting to realise that he had a gift. His unique and magnificent observation skills helped him develop what is now know as Emmett Technique. First used for horses, then for dogs, and now for humans. Ross Emmett travels the world to teach his technique. 

What are my qualification?

I was trained by Colleen Kelly and Tim Donehue, Senior EMMETT Technique Instructor. I have completed up to Module 5 in Practitioner courses in Sunshine Coast & Perth. Im also a certified professional member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapist.

What are my options if you're not in my area?

Please visit www.emmett-technique-hq.com/practitioners for a list of practitioners within your area.